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Diesel Generator Sets

Caterpillar is the world's largest manufacturer of high-speed diesel generator sets and engines, offering the largest range of specifications available.

200kVA & 365kVA
3306 an inline six cylinder with 121mm (4.75 in) bore and 12mm (6.00 in) stroke, 4 stroke, water cooled, Turbo charged and after cooled engine with a compression ration of 15:1. These engines are designed to meet user performance and dependability standards in electric power generation.
500kVA & 600kVA
Caterpillar generator sets are packaged at the state-of-the-art packaging facility of Caterpillar Power India Private Limited (CPIPL), with load banks, twin beds, sound treated test cell and paralleling facility. They are completely configured and come with an acoustic enclosure. Their perfect packaging in a compact design enables easy installation, operation and maintenance.
The 3412 Series engines continue to offer users a durable and dependable power package for many of the world’s toughest applications. The stringent design objectives for Cat 3412 Series engines included application flexibility, fuel efficiency, ease of maintenance and repair.
The C 32 Series engines utilize Acert® Technology as its building block and are designed making it reliable, rugged & durable. It is a solution for emission requirements that combines improvements in three systems vital to the combustion process: Air, Fuel, and Electronics.
1500kVA & 200kVA
The Cat 3500B Series of electronic engines with the fuel injectors, are electronically controlled. Both the start and end points of injection can be varied easily. This flexibility is important, because optimal injection timing is not constant. It fluctuates, based upon engine load and speed. However, thanks to Cat electronics, the injection process is optimized across the entire spectrum of engine conditions: full load, part load etc.