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The Engine
The C 32 Series engines utilize Acert® Technology as its building block and are designed making it reliable, rugged & durable. It is a solution for emission requirements that combines improvements in three systems vital to the combustion process: Air, Fuel, and Electronics. These engines have a smaller footprint, thus resulting in lower installation costs. They come equipped with Advanced ADEM 4 controllers, which result in precise and efficient integration of engine components under any operating condition.

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The C 32 is a 32-litre displacement engine, V12 configuration with a 145mm Bore and 162mm Stroke length having a compression ratio of 15:1.

The Package generator
Caterpillar generator sets are packed at the state-of-the-art packaging facility of Caterpillar India Pvt. Ltd. (Power Systems Division), with load banks, twin beds, sound treated test cell and paralleling facility. They are completely configured and come with an acoustic enclosure. Their perfect packaging in a compact design enables their easy installation, operation and maintenance.

The AC Generators
AC Generators are double bearing, star connected, self-excited and self-regulated, brushless with class H insulation and class H temp rise and are designed and manufactured for Caterpillar and meet the following SpecifiCations: IS 4722, BS: 5000, IEC34-1. Load Acceptance module provides the engine relief upon sudden block loading and improves its load acceptance and recovery time.

Diagnostic and Monitoring
Caterpillar EMCP 3 Series (Electronic Modular Control Panel) have a user-friendly interface and navigation and are scalable to meet a wide range of customer needs. They offer comprehensive engine & generator set monitoring, control and protection features, which eliminate the need for numerous switches, relays and meters. With Caterpillar add-on modules the generator set package can be monitored remotely through normal phone lines with a standard computer.

ADEM Controllers
The ADEM A4 is an integral part of the innovative ACERT® Technology that provides a higher degree of control over a large number of combustion variables than ever before. The ADEM A4 is designed to control/interface Electronic Unit Injector (EUI) equipped engines. The ADEM A4 engine system is composed of the ADEM A4 ECM, control software, sensors, actuators, fuel injectors, and interface to the generator system. The prime benefit of an ADEM A4 engine system is to be able to control and maintain the particulate emissions; both steady state and transient, much better, while improving its overall engine performance.
Engine Model
No. of Cylinders
C 32