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The Engine
The 3412 Series engines continue to offer users a durable and dependable power package for many of the world’s toughest applications. The stringent design objectives for Cat 3412 Series engines included application flexibility, fuel efficiency, ease of maintenance and repair.

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Performance and Reliability
The 3412 is a 27 litre displacement engine, V12 configuration with a 137mm bore and 152mm stroke length. Since its introduction, the 3412 has become the standard power unit for many high load factor applications. These engines meet current Indian emission norms.

The Package Generator
Caterpillar generator sets are packaged at the state-of-the-art packaging facility of Caterpillar Power India Private Limited (CPIPL), with load banks, twin beds, sound treated test cell and paralleling facility. They are completely configured and come with an acoustic enclosure. Their perfect packaging in a compact design enables easy installation, operation and maintenance.

The AC Generators
AC generators are double bearing, star connected, self-excited and self-regulated, brushless, with Class H insulation and Class H temp rise and are designed and manufactured for Caterpillar and meet the following specifications: IS 4722, BS:5000, IEC34-1. Load Adjustment Module (LAM) provides engine relief upon sudden block loading, improves load acceptance and recovery time.

Diagnostics and Monitoring
Caterpillar Electronic Modular Control Panel (EMCP) is a generator set mounted control panel. EMCP is an environmentally sealed, solid-state, microprocessor-based module for engine control and AC metering. Known for its unfailing durability, precise metering and state-of-the-art sensors, diagnostics and protective features, clear, descriptive graphics and easy-reading LEDs. The EMCP gives you all that, and much more: Information, Protection, Flexibility and Convenience.

Noise Enclosure
Cat noise enclosure is a containerized design, sturdy and weather-resistant to ensure durability for all weather conditions. Made of non-igniting and self-extinguishing acoustic mineral wool of 50mm thick which is used for noise and thermal insulation in addition to resin bonding having a 96 kg/m3 density. These are specially designed for easy installations, maintenance of DG set and access for all tie points.

Engine Model
No. of Cylinders
3412 DITA-GP-3